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Citigroup bans Credit Cards From Sports Betting: Long Live Chase and Amex

Have a Citi credit card or debit card? Don’t bother to try using it to bet on your fantasy sports sites.  Citigroup has barred its New York customers from making credit card transactions with DraftKings and FanDuelJennifer Bombardier a bank spokesperson said, “The ban will last until a decision on the sites’ legality is made by courts”. The sites are in a legal dispute with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who calls them illegal gambling sites. The sites argue that their games are based on skill and therefore legal.

My K9 Web protection also categorized it as GAMBLING.

Luckily, Credit card Joint followers have other credit cards at their disposal. See all our latest cards on our Credit Card page. There are several good American Express and Chase offers that you can apply for.

       Chase Bank Credit Cards

LIMITED! British Airways Visa Signature Card100,000 Points
LIMITED! Ink Plus Business Credit Card - 60,000 Points
LIMITED! Chase Freedom
17,500 Points
LIMITED! Chase Sapphire Prefered- 55,000 Points
Ink Cash Business Credit Card – 30,000 Points
United MileagePlus Explorer Card – 30,000 Points
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier CC - 25,000 Points
Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card – 50,000 Points
IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card – 60,000 Points
Chase Slate – 0% APR for 15 Months

American Express    American Express Credit Cards

  LIMITED!  The Blue for Business Credit Card – 20,000 Points
The Plum Card from American Express OPEN

The Platinum Card from American Express – 40,000 Points

The Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN
The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN
The Hilton HHonors Card from American Express – 40,000 Points
The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express
The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express
Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card – 25,000 Points
Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card from AmEx
SimplyCash Business Card from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN
Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN
Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express
Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express
American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

   Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card - 20,000 Points
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card - 40,000 Points
Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business - 20,000 Points
Capital One Spark Miles for Business - 50,000 Points
Capital One Spark Classic for Business – No Annual Fee
Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business – $200 Bonus
Capital One Spark Cash for Business – $500 Bonus
Capital One Secured MasterCard – Easy Approval
Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card - $100 Bonus
Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card - 1.5% Cash Back
Capital One Platinum Credit Card – No Annual Fee
BuyPower Card from Capital One – 0% APR

            Barclay Card Credit Cards

Barclaycard Ring MasterCard
Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard
Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard
Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

  Bank of America Credit Cards

BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card
BankAmericard Credit Card
BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card

   U.S. Bank Credit Cards

U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards Card
U.S. Bank Business Edge Select Rewards Card
U.S. Bank FlexPerks Business Edge Travel Rewards Card
U.S. Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature Card
U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card

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Why you shouldn’t book refundable airline tickets to use as your spending requirement

You signed up for new credit card great! Now, you’re stuck with having to spend $5000 and you don’t know how to spend ‎it. Between your car payment, gas, insurance and groceries you’re still short some money. Your face is three options.

Three options to choose from

Option 1. Do like we do spend on something and resell on eBay or Amazon.

Option 2. buy something careless like a new laptop or iPhone. Only buy what you can afford!

Option 3. Buy something refundable and cancel the purchase.

We already discussed option one being a reseller on eBay and Amazon at length in this post and in this post. At a later time we plan on going into more depth, sharing more secrets, and more details on how to make a lot of money. We also plan on showing you different opportunities such as cashback, student discounts, And other areas which will allow you to cut corners and maximize profits.

Option 2 really isn’t an option. No one spending $1000 on that new computer, watch, game just to meet a spending requirement. It’s like flushing your whole sign up on us down the toilet. Unless, that’s what you wanted to use your sign-up bonus for. I know someone that signed up for three Credit cards to spend $10,000 in a brand-new car. They used part of their sign up bonus as a way towards the spending of the car.

Need to spend $1,000? How about a new Macbook?

Option three is a refundable purchase. There two types of refundable out there.

Type one, would be refundable Merchandise.

I will give two examples of refundable merchandise. A store like Nordstrom. Nordstrom allows you to buy something on a credit card going to the store and return for cash. It’s an easy way to me to spend requirement swipe $3000 On a luxury item and then going to your nearest mortuary turner for a check or cash back. Honestly thinking if you take cash back that will probably be money-laundering. Another store that has this return policy would be Costco. Costco.com listed to pay with credit cards other than American Express. If you buy something on a visa card and bring it to start your return, they will give you back your money via check. They have no way of refunding visa card in the store. They only can refund American Express credit cards.

Type two refundable would be airline tickets. ‎

Go onto any website united.com delta.com etc. and book a fully refundable ticket for xxx months in advance. Then wait for your sign a statement to close site upon is supposed to pull the trigger and refund that you like ticket. The money will go back into your account.  And the points will stay.
Or will it?

Lately, American Express has been cracking down on refundable airline tickets. There have even been reports on this Reddit post Of American express phone event sign-up bonus accounts. They have also been reports of the special Amyx department set up track these type of people.

Doing something that wasn’t ethnical to bother you, then losing your sign up bonus by being quarterback from American Express. I am proud to say that I have never done before and the balls to meet a spending threshold. I don’t think it’s ethnical, or fear. More so I think it straight out stealing from the credit card issuer, And from the merchant.

Why you ask me. First of all stealing from the merchant. The merchant praise a credit card processing fee when charging a credit card. This is typically in the tuna half to 3% range. The sea is not only not returned when issuing refund, but they have to pay the fee second time if they put it back to a different credit card.

Additionally is six healing from the card issuer. The Kardashian’s giving you a signing bonus in lieu of the spends. They’re hoping that you won’t make the spend requirement, or you pay late, forget about your new account and they could charge you interest and the source of other fees. They’re also giving you a Of credit and hope for you to build on that line of credit and build trust in a relationship with them. They’re looking for a long-term commitment and business relationship that will burn them A nice return in the long run.
Signing up for credit cards, then booking refundable getting your points followed by closing your account is very calming. If your one of these people that do this be where the Day of reckoning is here.

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160K Worth of Delta Points From American Express (Gold and Platinum) – Ends June 30th

50K American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles® Link (and business Version)

60k Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card 

Ending soon – June 30th

American Express has raised the signup bonus on the Delta Gold and Delta Platinum cards. The previous signup bonus has been only 30k, now it has been raised up to a whooping 50k. Although this card once had a 70,000 offer, that is long gone. This 50K American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles® the biggest bonus offer the Delta Gold card has offered.

When i tried to apply this popped up, read more about this here.

You have been identified as a current American Express Card Member. The welcome offer below may not be the same as the offer you saw advertised previously because the offer you saw advertised previously is not available to current American Express Card Members. This offer is also not available to applicants who have had a Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card account.

What Is In The Offer?

  • Earn 50,000 bonus miles after you use your new Card to make $2,000 in purchases within your first 3 months. (many cards have a bigger spending threshold, this card is only $2000)
  • Earn $50 statement credit after you make a Delta purchase with your new Card within your first 3 months.

What Are The Card Benefits?

  • This is the lower end of the delta branded cards. There is the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card also with a raised bonus of 60K.
  • This card comes with American Express top notch customer service that is unpallel to Chase, Barclay or Citi.
  •  Being an American Express card holder you will get benefits like purchase protection, extended warranty and return protection. See the phone numbers here
  • No forex fee
  • Earn As You Spend: Get 2X miles on Delta purchases and 1X miles for all other eligible dollars spent.
  • Check your first bag free on every Delta flight – that’s a savings of up to $200 per round trip for a family of four.
  • Premium Travel Perks: Settle in sooner with Priority Boarding.
  • $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95.
  • Terms and Restrictions Apply

Sign up quickly for the Delta Gold and Platinum cards. The have a raised signup bonus of 50k and 60k. They also only have a spending requirement of $2000!

What Else You Need To Know

Back in April American Express added No Forex Fee on this card. However, if you had this card before you will not be able to get the bonus again. As we wrote over here. Before you apply you may also want to apply using the 3BM (3 Browser Method).

Additionally Million Mile Secrets shows us how the points are not hard to use. There is plenty of availability. Read more here.

Some other interesting articles:

Refer A Friend Current Offers From Chase And American Express

With this card you are able to refer friends and earn extra points.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Free Shoprunner Membership With An American Express Card

APR Compounded Daily: What Does That Mean?

American Express Insurance Programs Phone Numbers

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In Summary

The Delta Gold and Platinum credit cards issued by American Express have raised the signup bonuses!

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eBay: Make Money By Refering Your Friends

eBay’s New Referral Program – Earn Gift Cards for Referring Your Friends by  Frequent Miler via Doctor of Credit. eBay is offering a $5 gift card for referring people to their Daily Deals section of their site (with qualifying purchase) through April 30, 2015. (Up to a total of 3 referrals – $15.) The referral bonus is paid out in the form of $5 eBay gift cards.

To refer people, simply click this link, login and enter their email address. To get your direct referral link, click to share on Twitter and then copy the link from the composed tweet.

ebay referral

If you know someone about to buy something on eBay it is a easy way to snag a few bucks. Be sure to check out ways to flip some items on Amazon, and how we use it as a way of Manufactured Spend via this post.

Read some of our other amazing referral options here:

Chase Refer A Friend Promotion Now Works On Ink, United and Other Cards!


Refer A Friend Current Offers From Chase And American Express

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In Summary

Ebay referral program allows you to make money by informing your friends about the eBay daily deal program.

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Credit Cards Can Be Used to Pay Taxes?

TRUE! The IRS allows you to pay taxes with a credit card but you must use a 3rd party payment processor.  The government does NOT accept credit card payments directly.

These payment processors charge a percent of your total tax bill.

The least expensive is Pay 1040, which charges 1.87% for credit card payments, (and a flat fee of $2.59 for debit card payments).

A $5,000 tax bill would total:

  • $5,093.50 with a credit card ($5,000 x 1.87% = $93.50)
  • $5,002.59 with a debit card ($5,000 + $2.59 flat fee)

Note:  You will NOT be charged cash advance fees when you pay with a credit card.  The FAQ’s for all payment processors say:

Your tax payment will be treated like a retail purchase and not a cash advance. 

Some other companies:


Credit Card Joint thinks this is a great idea if 2 things are kept in mind.

1) You have a credit card that gets you more then 1.87%. Namely a Citi Double Cash, Fidelity 2% credit card among others.

2) You have no other way of Meeting the Spending Threshold.

Meeting Minimum Spending Requirements

We spoke about that in a Three part series HERE, HERE, and HERE. Paying taxes with a credit card can make sense if you have a minimum spending requirement to meet on a card within a certain time period. Although you may be losing out some money on the 1.87% charge, in the long term you will gain the 50k or 35k in bonus points worth more then the charge.

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In Summary

Paying Taxes with a credit card can be a great option for some.

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Flint Offers $3750 in Free Manufactured Spend In 30 Days

Flint is a new mobile payment app. You can download the Flint app for iPhone or Android here. Many people have experience was positive overall way it works. The bottom line is a $3750 in manufactured spending.

Flint Landing Page On The Mobile App

  • Once you set up your account and get it verified you can run 1 charge a week  for $750 by taking a picture of the credit card (SCAN) .
  • The first 5 transactions are free
  • You are limited to $750 per transaction
  • The free transactions expire after 30 days

Flint Scanner

The maximum Manufactured Spend value you can get with this method is $3,750. At 2% (Citi Double Cash) you will net $75. Keeping in mind the 1099, I will pass on this offer.

Note: Folk report that Flint will 1099 you on the swipes you make on the card. Any potential earnings may be eaten up by the losses offset by the 1099. Although you can claim them as fees, Cost of goods or a myriad of other reasons, $75 doesn’t tempt me that much.

How can you do 5 charges in 30 days?

Charge $750 on days 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. This will allow you to maximize your rewards.

We will be passing on this deal, but a big HT: Miles remaining for pointing it out.

This is really only good if you need help to meet a spending threshold. Here is our favorite way to meet a spending threshold.

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In Summary

Signup for Flint for $3750 in Free Manufactured Spend.

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REDCARD (TARGET) BlueBird Revised: New Manufactured Spend

Target recently released a new reloadable prepaid card – the REDcard from Target. Since it is similar to the American Express Bluebird, it has also been dubbed the ‘Redbird’ by many bloggers.

The REDcard Target has a number of striking similarities to the American Express for Target – which is one of my favorite tools to hit minimum spend and for Manufactured Spend. However, the American Express for Target card has been unavailable in many Target stores for months now. You HAVE to sign up in a store – you can’t sign up online.

The REDcard Target CAN be loaded with a credit card and you CAN withdraw cash via an ATM.

In order to sign up, you will need to get a temporary card in a physical Target store. Right now the card is only available in these states:

New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

How it works

The initial REDcard Target purchase (temporary card) can be loaded with a credit card up to $500 (this will work for your minimum spend already). You can buy this even if you have an existing Bluebird account.

However, you CANNOT sign up for the permanent (full) version of the card if you have an existing Bluebird account. You will need to close your Bluebird account in order to be eligible for a REDcard from Target. Read more about BlueBird here.

Once you have the permanent card, you can reload it with a credit card. There is a high $2,500 limit per day and $5,000 per month. You can withdraw $750 per day but just $2,000/month. Withdrawals at the Target store or with an Allpoint ATM are fee-free.

You can reload your REDcard for Target at any TARGET store, even it it does not sell the card right now. Note that as with most of these products, you cannot reload your card with a Target gift card.

Here is a great review of the different products from Frequent Miler.

HT: Mighty Travels


Target released a new REDcard with American Express. It is very similar to BlueBird. It can have funds loaded via Credit Card making it the newest Manufactured Spend.

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In Summary

The REDCARD from TARGET is similat to BlueBird it is the newest Manufactured Spend

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