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30% Bonus on Amex Membership Reward Transfers to Etihad Through June 15: Fly To Israel for 26,000 Points!

American Express Membership Rewards is offering a 30% bonus on transfers to Etihad Guest through June 15. American Express only added Etihad as a transfer partner two weeks ago so it’s great to see them bonusing transfers. They are probably trying to boost this partner so they are offering this promotion. In the past we have seen promotions on other partners like british Airways and El Al.

That means the points from your Amex Everyday Preferred, Premier Rewards Gold, Business Gold, Business Platinum and other Membership Rewards earning cards carry more weight. One third times more weight!

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Etihad has a very good first and business class product, and because availability has been generally excellent. Now to be sure the single best first class product in the sky — the Etihad First Apartment, which is scheduled for Abu Dhabi – New York JFK< London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Mumbai — can be tough to get.

Availability goes in cycles (and for awhile has been much easier to get Abu Dhabi – US than US – Abu Dhabi). I’ve flown it several times this year on the New York JFK – Abu Dhabi route but availability for that flight isn’t a gimme.

Nonetheless, Etihad offers first class service with other aircraft to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington Dulles. They offer service that features business class as the top cabin to Chicago and Toronto.

Award prices aren’t cheap. For instance,

  • New York JFK – Abu Dhabi first class is 117,560 miles one-way
  • London – Abu Dhabi first class is 87,732 miles one-way

Business class is somewhat cheaper, for instance 88,391 one-way for New York – Abu Dhabi.

Etihad also adds surcharges to awards: $50 per segment for economy, $100 per segment for business, and $150 per segment for first class.

Etihad has several airline partners, which have to be booked by phone. Etihad agents are often unfamiliar with their partners, and with how to book them.

What’s more, the cost of awards on partner airlines can be high. Nonetheless, they can also be strategically useful. For instance, Etihad partners with Philippine Airlines and they almost always have business class award space between the US and Asia. And they partner with American. Etihad partners with carriers like Virgin Australia, Royal Air Maroc, Garuda Indonesia, Oman Air, and Hainan Airlines as well as a variety of others.

Partner award charts can be found here and are much more lucrative,but partner awards are not bookable online, which means you have to play call center roulette. You also need to book partner awards 14 days in advance.

Every airline has their own award chart. For example:

The Brussels award chart can be found here.

There are no fuel surcharges.

-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in coach for 21,972 miles or about or about 16,902 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in business for 36,620 miles or about or about 28,169 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in coach for 12,096 miles or about or about 9,304 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in business for 20,160 miles or about or about 15,508 AMEX points round-trip.

To summarize that is 26,206 points to fly round trip JFK-BRU-TLV in coach or 43,677 miles to fly in business. Judging a normal business class ticket to Israel would run you around $6,000 this is a $.13 redemption per mile. That is ten times the normal redemption.

HT: View from the Wing and DansDeals

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40% Bonus British Airways Miles Via American Express MR Transfer

American Express is giving a 40% bonus on MR (Membership Rewards) Transfers to British Airways Avios. This promotion is long overdue, as we did not see an Amex -> BA transfer in over a year.  This means your trip from NYC-MIA only costs 11,000 points instead of 15,000. The points transfer instantly and are available to use right away.

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How long will this Promo last?

Through January 31, 2015. There is no real rush for you to transfer as you know the exact dates, but the sooner you transfer, the less likely you would forget.

How many points Can I Transfer?

The transfer ratio rate of 1,400 Avios per 1,000 Membership Rewards points. You can earn the bonus an unlimited number of times. There’s no registration required. The minimum transfer is 1,000 points.

Really, how valuable is BA miles?

For short haul flights British Airways is really the best option. Look at the chart below under 2,000 air miles would only cost you 10k in economy, whilst other airlines would cost you 12,500. Keep in mind the shorter the distance, the cheaper the flights. Now with the 40k bonus the flights all came a drop cheaper!


Distance in Miles

Avios Cost in Economy

Avios Cost in Business

Avios Cost in   First

1-650 4,500 9,000 13,500
651-1151 7,500 15,000 22,500
1152-2000 10,000 20,000 30,000
2001-3000 12,500 25,000 37,500
3001-4000 20,000 40,000 60,000
4001-5500 25,000 50,000 75,000
5501-6500 30,000 60,000 90,000
6501-7000 35,000 70,000 105,000
7001-10000 50,000 100,000 150,000

There is also the British Airways Visa card that can jump start your mile earning ability. However we like earning miles on the non-airline branded cards like Chase INK, Sapphire and Membership reward cards from American Express. These cards offer a much greater flexibility when trying to book flights.

Amex Membership Rewards is offering a 40% transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club. British Airways is the king of short haul flights with AA. Your 7,000 mile short haul flight only will cost you 5,000 miles.


Transferring Membership Rewards® points is easy:

1. Search: Choose the Airline or Hotel tab to the left.
2. Select: Click on the partner logo you would like to transfer points to.
3. Transfer: Once you’ve selected a partner, you will be presented with step-by-step instructions to complete your transfer.

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In Summary

There is a 40% bonus British Airways miles when Transferring American Express Membership reward miles.

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Amazon Amex

$20 Off Your Amazon Holiday Purchase by Using American Express Pay With MR Points

Amazon and American Express have partnered for a promotion that is  offering where you can get a $20 Amazon credit when you use American Express MR (Membership Reward) points to pay for an Amazon purchase for the first time. If you have a Starwood Credit Card from American Express this will not work. You need a Membership Reward (Gold, PRG, Platinum, Green, Business Gold Ect) card.  This offer is limited time and will expire in November 9. Buy your holiday purchases now!

Get $20 off your next purchase from Amazon. American Express and Amazon has brought a promotion that gives $20 off when you pay with points.

Here is how to use this promotion:

  1. Find a product you want to buy on Amazon
  2. Link you American Express card to Amazon here
  3. Add eligible items to your cart. Note only items SOLD and SHIPPED by Amazon are eligible.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis item is not eligible because it is sold by a third party seller

  • Use promotional code “SWP20AMR“
  • Select the option  Pay with your American Express Membership Rewards points. You only need to pay $.01 with points for the system to trigger a credit.

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How will you know it the discount worked?

The discount works instantly, if it is not reflected on your purchase you will see it right away. make sure the discount is reflected before you hit place my order.

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Here was an item that costed $19.90. The entire purchase was covered by the coupon code. Additionally you are able to buy an item for more money like $35 and the coupon will knock off $20. Make sure you select pay with the same card that you link.

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In Summary

Get $20 Off Your Amazon Holiday Purchase by Using American Express Pay With Membership Reward Points.

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American Express: MR Transfers Only For Account Holders

American Express has some of the best redemption options. This tens of travel partners, you were sure to find an airline with availability. However today they limited the transfer option of it’s MR (Membership Reward) points to the AH (account holder). AU’s (Authorized Users) are still able to recieve transfers.

Advertising Disclosure: We may receive an Affiliate commission for some links in this post.

What does this mean?

Although the terms of the membership program clearly dictates that transfers were only able to be made for the AH, many people were taking advantage and sending miles to their parents siblings and friends accounts.

Take a look at our twitter conversation with Amex.

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Businesses may be hurt the most.

Many businesses rack up millions of miles. They use these miles to pay for employees airfare. Until now transfer options were available to any account. Now the employee that is flying would need to be an AU in order for American Express to transfer miles.

Can one still transfer to a sibling?

Currently transfer options are open for AU’s. If you need to make a transfer, you can add that person as an AU on your account, and then you will be able to transfer to them.

Is this a new thing?

Yes, it happened this morning. We think that it is intentional. After all American Express already started limiting sign up bonuses back in May, and are enforcing their rules pretty strongly.

Is the UR points better?

Although Chase also has a rule that you may not transfer UR points to persons residing at a different address, point transfers to siblings and friends has always went through. There were reports of Chase shutting down people’s accounts, but they were isolated incidents, and not definitely linked to ‎transfers.

When transferring Membership Reward points, the frequent flier account must be the same as the Amex account. Chase “officially” requires this as well.

What to do?

Maybe it is time to start using a new card! The Citi Double Cash offers 2% back on purchases.

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In Summary:

American Express has ended the ability to transfer miles to a partner that is under a different name. Chase officially has this rule as well.

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