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200 Free Hilton HHonors Points Is It Worthless?

Earn 200 free Hilton HHonors points when you enroll in their Thank Again program (earn bonus points when you  shop, dine, and park at 150 Airports & Thousands of Local Merchants across the U.S.A.).

thanks again promo


Is this worth anything?

No. And Yes.

No. It really isn’t worth anything as 200 points will maybe get you pinky toe in the door for 30 seconds. You really shouldn’t even bother wasting your time, unless you value the 3 minutes that it takes you to be worth 1/8th of a cent.

Yes. However if you have a big HHonors account, or small one for that matter, and your points are expiring this is a quick, free and  easy way to extend their lives.

HT Loyalty Lobby


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American AAdvantage And US Airways Dividend Miles To Merge In April 2015

AA and US merger is coming soon! Your US Airways and American AAdvantage accounts will all be converted into AA miles. If you want to book tickets using your US Airways, now is the time. Bloggers speculate that US Airways miles are more valuable and there will be a downgrade in value once the merger is complete. One reason this may be is the 5,000 point discount if you are  a card holder of a US Airways credit card.

The US AIrways and American Airlines  is approaching

The Dividend Miles e-statement which Dividend Miles sent out to members, seems to say the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles will merge in April 2015:

Next month, we’ll reach the next milestone on our path to integration by bringing Dividend Miles into the American Airlines AAdvantage® program. We’ll transfer your mileage balance and elite-qualifying activity into your new (or existing) AAdvantage account.

That pretty much sums it up. To link your accounts login to American or US AIrways and there will be a pop up asking you to link your accounts.

And here is the step by step guide of the merger:

Becoming one airline – a step-by-step overview


Here are some of our major accomplishments since December 2013:

TwoPreparing to integrate

Request to match your Dividend Miles account with your AAdvantage account (if you have both).

ThreeElite membership year begins

On March 1, 2015, your elite status will be determined based on your elite-qualifying activity in each program individually.

FourFrequent flyer programs combine

In the second quarter of 2015, we’ll integrate our Dividend Miles program into the AAdvantage program with three elite levels.

FiveOne loyalty program, two airlines

For much of 2015, we’ll operate as two separate airlines with two reservation systems and two websites.

SixOne airline, everything on aa.com

Once our reservation systems are combined, you can use aa.com as your one-stop-shop. It will take a few years for us to paint all of our planes, but all our flights will be operated by American.

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In Summary:

US Airways and American Airlines Merger is underway. Book your US airways flights now before it’s too late.

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Flint Offers $3750 in Free Manufactured Spend In 30 Days

Flint is a new mobile payment app. You can download the Flint app for iPhone or Android here. Many people have experience was positive overall way it works. The bottom line is a $3750 in manufactured spending.

Flint Landing Page On The Mobile App

  • Once you set up your account and get it verified you can run 1 charge a week  for $750 by taking a picture of the credit card (SCAN) .
  • The first 5 transactions are free
  • You are limited to $750 per transaction
  • The free transactions expire after 30 days

Flint Scanner

The maximum Manufactured Spend value you can get with this method is $3,750. At 2% (Citi Double Cash) you will net $75. Keeping in mind the 1099, I will pass on this offer.

Note: Folk report that Flint will 1099 you on the swipes you make on the card. Any potential earnings may be eaten up by the losses offset by the 1099. Although you can claim them as fees, Cost of goods or a myriad of other reasons, $75 doesn’t tempt me that much.

How can you do 5 charges in 30 days?

Charge $750 on days 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. This will allow you to maximize your rewards.

We will be passing on this deal, but a big HT: Miles remaining for pointing it out.

This is really only good if you need help to meet a spending threshold. Here is our favorite way to meet a spending threshold.

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In Summary

Signup for Flint for $3750 in Free Manufactured Spend.

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Million Mile Secrets Interviewed Us: Read The Interview

We were interview by Daraius Dubash in his interview series with Miles and Points blogs. Million Mile Secrets is a blog dedicated to helping people learn about Big Travel with Small Money!

Interview LINKY

Read the full interview and hit up the comments on either site. We would love to hear your feedback.

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In Summary

Read our interview with Million Mile Secrets.

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Chase Freedom Credit Card: Why We Love It

Chase has the best credit card offers. The Sapphire Preferred 40,000, United Explorer 55,000, Ink Bold 50,000. Today we will discuss a different card that Chase offers, the Freedom card.

Chase Freedom Card link


-The Chase Freedom card has no annual fee. This is a great benefit, you never have to worry about getting hit by a yearly fee. Additionally a card that has no yearly fee you keep open from year to year. This adds a big boost to your credit report. As one of the factors your score depends on, is the age of your accounts.

-The Freedom card has a 5% bonus category. Every 3 months the category changes. On a typical year there is 6 months worth of 5% back in gas. The other 6 months can be in department stores, drug stores, movies, dining and we even saw 5% off at Amazon.com. This adds an amazing advantage to your everyday purchases.

-The points earned on the Freedom card are called UR (Ultimate Reward) points.‎ The UR program is one of the best earning programs out there. The points are able to be transferred to another UR accounts. It can be your other UR accounts like Sapphire, Bold or Ink Plus. You are also able to transfer to partner Airlines. British Airways, Korean Air, Southwest, United and Virgin Atlantic are the current airlines.In hotel programs there is: Marriott, IHG and Hyatt. They also have transfer availability to Amtrak. (coming soon, a full write up on the UR program). The transfer ratio 1:1. This is great, as you alwasy know exactly how many points you will have. Other cards, like the American Express PRG card has transfer partners too. But not all of them are 1:1. Take the partner airline EL AL. The transfer ratio is 1000 : 20.

-Earn bonus points. Every transaction gets a bonus 10% on the points earned! When you spend $10, you will get 11 points. 10 base points, and a bonus point for the 10% back. The bonus points add up really quick.

-Be able to shop via the UR Portal. Everyone likes cash back. That’s why when we shop online we use cash back portals like mrrebates.com, ebates.com or bigcrumbs.com. (I would signup from all 3, and use this website to check which site gives the best value. If you only want one I recommended mrrebates.com.)

By being a Chase Freedom  card member (or any other UR card) you can shop from the UR Mall, and get bonus points like 10 bonus points at Kohl’s, 3 bonus points at Macy’s and 2 bonus points at staples.

-Redeem your points for a variety of rewards. The easiest reward is cash back. 10,000 points turns into a $100 statement credit‎ credit. You can also request a check. The best part is you are not restricted to any specific amount. You are able to cash in 14,643 points for $146.43.

-An additional benefit is being able to choose when to get your points. Whenever you want it, you can request it. These2 things are great. Many credit cards have limits and restrictions. Then I was 18 I opened a National City Points credit card. It gave cash back on purchases. However little did I know how big a scam it was. 1) I needed to spend $10,000 before I get the full point value. 2) I was only able to get a payout when my point balance was equal to $100. Unlike the Freedom card that lets you redeem any amount, and when you want it.

-Another option for redemption of your UR points is for gift cards. Sometimes you can get a better value then cash. Take the following example. A Kohl’s $25 gift card needs only 2,250 points.

-Redeem your points by buying something that you really wanted. In the Ultimate Reward Portal you can buy merchandise. Here again, you are able to get a real great value for your points.

-Earn a total of 2% cash back on airline tickets and hotel
accommodations booked through Ultimate Rewards. Another way to redeem your point is via booking activities via the UR portal. Instead of paying $78 for an indoor skydiving experience, cash in 7,800 points.


-You need to activate the 5% categories over here. It really is simple, and takes less then 45 seconds. However it would be nice if you didn’t have to activate.

-Another downside of the freedom card is it has a Forex (foreign exchange) fee. Now if you were a traveler, you would probably have 5 cards in your pocket that didn’t have a fee, but this card does.

-The last con is the small signup bonus. Although we have seen the bonus as high as 20,000 points, it never was or will be a 50,000 sign up. The sign up offer on the freedom card now is 10,000 UR points.

In Summary:

We love the Freedom card. It has a 10,000 point signup. The points can be combined with other UR accounts. They can also be transferred to airlines and hotels. There is a 5% rotation of categories, you need to active this benefit. Points can be redeemed for statement credits, a check, merchandise or on activities. Having a UR card giver access to the UR portal that has great bonus point options.

Do you have the freedom card? Leave a message.

Chase Freedom Card link

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