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30% Bonus on Amex Membership Reward Transfers to Etihad Through June 15: Fly To Israel for 26,000 Points!

American Express Membership Rewards is offering a 30% bonus on transfers to Etihad Guest through June 15. American Express only added Etihad as a transfer partner two weeks ago so it’s great to see them bonusing transfers. They are probably trying to boost this partner so they are offering this promotion. In the past we have seen promotions on other partners like british Airways and El Al.

That means the points from your Amex Everyday Preferred, Premier Rewards Gold, Business Gold, Business Platinum and other Membership Rewards earning cards carry more weight. One third times more weight!

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Etihad has a very good first and business class product, and because availability has been generally excellent. Now to be sure the single best first class product in the sky — the Etihad First Apartment, which is scheduled for Abu Dhabi – New York JFK< London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Mumbai — can be tough to get.

Availability goes in cycles (and for awhile has been much easier to get Abu Dhabi – US than US – Abu Dhabi). I’ve flown it several times this year on the New York JFK – Abu Dhabi route but availability for that flight isn’t a gimme.

Nonetheless, Etihad offers first class service with other aircraft to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington Dulles. They offer service that features business class as the top cabin to Chicago and Toronto.

Award prices aren’t cheap. For instance,

  • New York JFK – Abu Dhabi first class is 117,560 miles one-way
  • London – Abu Dhabi first class is 87,732 miles one-way

Business class is somewhat cheaper, for instance 88,391 one-way for New York – Abu Dhabi.

Etihad also adds surcharges to awards: $50 per segment for economy, $100 per segment for business, and $150 per segment for first class.

Etihad has several airline partners, which have to be booked by phone. Etihad agents are often unfamiliar with their partners, and with how to book them.

What’s more, the cost of awards on partner airlines can be high. Nonetheless, they can also be strategically useful. For instance, Etihad partners with Philippine Airlines and they almost always have business class award space between the US and Asia. And they partner with American. Etihad partners with carriers like Virgin Australia, Royal Air Maroc, Garuda Indonesia, Oman Air, and Hainan Airlines as well as a variety of others.

Partner award charts can be found here and are much more lucrative,but partner awards are not bookable online, which means you have to play call center roulette. You also need to book partner awards 14 days in advance.

Every airline has their own award chart. For example:

The Brussels award chart can be found here.

There are no fuel surcharges.

-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in coach for 21,972 miles or about or about 16,902 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in business for 36,620 miles or about or about 28,169 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in coach for 12,096 miles or about or about 9,304 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in business for 20,160 miles or about or about 15,508 AMEX points round-trip.

To summarize that is 26,206 points to fly round trip JFK-BRU-TLV in coach or 43,677 miles to fly in business. Judging a normal business class ticket to Israel would run you around $6,000 this is a $.13 redemption per mile. That is ten times the normal redemption.

HT: View from the Wing and DansDeals

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Hashanah Hoshiyana Uvinu Ata

An inferno the Arab leaders ignite​,​

Massacre them! Stab them! Go and Fight!

Paradise awaits you, be a Martyr,

Plunge the knife even harder.

Blood curling images are shown before me​,​

Don’t kill one, kill two kill three!

Go out and guillotine, you will be a hero​;​

A Jews is life is worth zero​!​


Hot tears stream down my cheek;

My morale is crippled and weak.

Kill in groups of four or five!

Keep no Jewish man alive!



Abbas screams go and assassinate;

The Jewish race we will annihilate!

‎The inhumane actions of the ​Islamic believer​;​

Slaughters ​ my child​ with a meat cleaver!​


Glass, shards, pain and blood;

As I buried my brother with mud.

Such a gentle yid, he never made a fuss;

His only crime, he was on that bus.

Bus (illustration)

Senseless killings are now the norm,

For our brother in Israel we mourn.

They are persecuted with blades and knives,

Yet we continue to go about our daily lives.


Yet, there are special ones amongst us;

‎As an Arab crashed into a stop for a bus.

Another Jew’s life he attempts to save;

But nebach, he gets slain and sent to the grave.


We hear bad news, and say “pass the soup”;

Send me the video, I’ll share it with my Whatsapp group.

But,  ‎what are we really supposed to do;

Do we really feel bad for another Jew?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Esav soneh LiYaakov, it’s old news;

The Arabs are trying another ruse‎.

But what really has to happen;

Is another Tefillah to Hashem.


‎The price we pay is too steep;

7 Kedoshim in less than a week‎.

The change must come from within;

Please say the extra Kapital Tehillim.


The sole approach to be saved from Fattah;

Hashana Hoshiyana Uvinu Ata!

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HOT! NYC – TLV Round Trip Only $352 Via TRANSAERO AIRLINES (1 Stop)

Fly round-trip from JFK to TLV flying with on TransAero with a stopover in Moscow for only $386.35 round trip!

UPDATE:$20 less on Kayak.com 

We would rather book on Kayak as they have a better customer service.

You can find these prices using CheapOAir from the end of January through the April. When looking at flights I would stay away from long stopovers since you will need a Visa to leave the airport.

Here are a few sample dates,

  • 1/25- 2/2
  • 1/26 – 2/2
  • 2/1 – 2/8
  • 2/2 – 2/10
  • 2/8- 2/15
  • 2/8 – 2/16
  • 2/8 -2/17
  • 2/17 – 2/25
  • 2/18 – 2/24
  • 2/23 – 3/2
  • 3/2 – 3/8
  • 3/2 – 3/9
  • 3/2 – 3/11
  • 3/8 – 3/15
  • 3/8 -3/18
  • 3/22 – 3/29
  • 3/23 – 3/29
  • 4/12 – 4/18
  • 4/19 -4/27
  • 4/20 – 4/27

Click here to go to CheapOAir.

Make sure to double check your dates to ensure there is no mistakes. Changes are usually not allowed on these price mistakes. Chances are these tickets are without the fuel surcharges.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cancel and Refund Policy on Cheap O Air

Most of our airline tickets, hotels, pre-paid car rentals, vacation packages and service fees are non-refundable. Trip protection insurance is refundable within 10 days of purchase if travel has not commenced and you have called our customer service center to cancel. All cancellations must be done over the phone only. We can accept refund requests only if the following conditions have been met:

  • you have applied for a cancellation and refund with us and if the fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds;
  • you are not a “no show” (most “no show” bookings are in-eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing); and
  • we are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.

 We are unable to provide a specific time line for how long it may take for this requested refund to be processed. All refund requests are processed in a sequential format. Once you have provided our customer service agent with your cancellation request, we will then send you an email notification that your request has been received. This notification does not automatically qualify you for a refund. This only provides you with an acknowledgement of your request and provides you with a tracking number. Upon receipt of your request we will work with the suppliers such as airlines, hotels, car-rental companies to generate a waiver based on airline and other supplier rules and notify you of the supplier decision. Our services fees associated with the original travel reservation or booking are not refundable. Please note that we are dependent on the suppliers for receiving the requested refunds. Once the refund has been approved by the supplier it may take additional time for this to appear on your credit card statement. Generally, all suppliers will charge a penalty for refund. This entire process may take 60-90 days from receipt of your request to receiving credit on your statement. Apart from the airlines and other suppliers refund penalties, CheapOair will charge a fee for processing this $50 – $300. All refund fees are charged on per ticket per person basis. These fees will only be assessed if a refund has been authorized by the supplier or a waiver has been received and when the airline/supplier rules permit such refunds. If such refund is not processed by the supplier, we will refund you our fees that may have been charged to you for such refund processing, but not our previously charged service fees for the original travel reservation or booking.

As per our “Compassion Exception Policy”, customers who are senior citizens, in the military or physically impaired, have been affected by natural disasters, or are terminally ill can get a waiver on all or a portion of CheapOair fees. Please review our Compassion Exception Policy in detail.

HT: KollelBudget

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In Summary

Flights from NYC – TLV Round Trip Only $387 Via TRANSAERO AIRLINES (1 Stop)


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