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App-O-Rama Update on Approvals and Spending

As you probably know we just did a large App-o-Rama, or 3BM ( 3 Browser Method) recently.  Today we will share what is going on, how we are doing the spending, and some inside tips. First, we would like to start off with screen shots of the approvals.

Under my name I applied for following cards:







As you can see they were all approved, beside for one of the BUSINESS GOLD REWARD CARD because they considered it a duplicate application. Interesting to note, on my wife’s application I got 2 of these cards approved, possibly because they were applied for closer together.  Let’s take a look at the account and see how they are coming along.

Biz Plat spent $2.5k / 20k

Biz Reward Gold $1.3k/ 10k

Simply Cash $1.8k / 5k

The following cards I have already finished the spend on

MB Platinum Card $3k/ $3k

PRG $1k /$1k

Total I still need to spend is $29,500

Now you may notice that I did not include that Platinum card that I was approved for. Truthfully I didn’t notice until now, but it never came!!! I am on the phone with them now asking them where it is. :) Luckily I am writing this post and noticing it!

How do I do my spending?

No, we do not do refundable airline tickets, nor do we do MS (Manufactured spend) we do legit spending. here are some examples.

We bought Wii U from Best Buy for $250 each.

What did we do with them?

We sold them on Amazon Seller Central!

What are the fees and cost in doing this?

Let’s take a look at the Amazon Fee structure. View the Amazon Revenue Calculator here.

Enter in the ASIN and calculate the cost.

This item will sell for $310, and will gross $283.49 subtract the $250 I paid for it will net a profit of $33 per unit (less shipping to amazon costs)!

What were the inbound charges?

3 wii’s shipped together in one box only costed $7.75, only $2.58 per shipment.

That means each wii had a profit of over $30.

Now there are more ways that we can make this even more profitable, but we can’t share all the secrets in one day! Okay, we will share just one more. Before we bought this item we visted ebates.com look what happens. Each order adds up to some serious cash back!

Not every website gives free money but all the big sites that you are shopping on anyways will give you some cash back. Open your account today!

Next update. Wifes cards!

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3BM and App-O-Rama, How To Do It Properly

The 3BM is a unique approach used by bloggers and churners to maximize credit pulls. Before we get into the detail of how to do a 3BM, let’s go through a few things regarding credit cards.

Every time you apply for a credit card, the bank “pulls” your credit. A pull is a credit inquiry which tells the bank your creditworthiness. Every time you have a credit pull your credit score drops. Although it is only a temporary drop, people don’t getting “pulled” too often. 

How does one sign up for many credit cards if they don’t want to have a lot of credit pulls?

The answer is “The 3 Browser Method” (3BM) A.K.A. AN App-O-Rama.

What it is:

The 3BM makes that when you apply for multiple credit cards, you only get 1 credit pull on your credit report.

Here is a step by Step guide how to do the 3BM.

1) Open 3 browser’s (i.e Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, Opera)

2) Clear your cache and cookies (this will ensure you are getting the correct credit card offer)

3) Choose 3 cards FROM THE SAME BANK. The 3BM is not for a Chase card, and American Express card.

4) Put in all the info on all 3 cards

5) Press submit simultaneously.

By doing this the bank sees all your applications as one. There is a better chance for an instant approval. The best part of the App-O-Rama is getting 1 pull on your credit report.

People that have ways to meet the spending threshold, like doing a full blown App-O-Rama. The do 3 3BM in one shot! 3 Chase cards, 3 American express cards and a Citi card. You will still get a pull from each bank. The benefit here is each bank doesn’t see the credit pull of the other banks, since you are getting all the credit pulls the same time.

Citi Bank only allows 1 card approval, 2nd card approval after 7 days and then you need to wait 60 days. This makes the 3BM impossible from Citi.

Chase officially approves 2 cards, but via reconsideration you can get all 3 or even a 4BM.

Amex approves 3 or more cards, but who is applying for American Express after this?

Capital One pulls all 3 reports, so who wants to apply for their cards! We like getting 3 cards with 1 pull not vice verse!

A perfect example of an all out App-O-Rama would be:
American Express

Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Platinum

Premier Rewards Gold Personal

Chase Freedom Card ®
Chase Sapphire Preferred
Chase British Airways Visa Signature
Citi AAdvantage Executive
A total of 10 cards, now this is an App-O-Rama!
In Summary:
A proper 3BM is applying for 3 cards from the same bank at the same time. Remember to use different browsers. An App-O-Rama is doing a few 3BM’s at the same time from different banks.

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