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Chase Refer A Friend Promotion Now Works On Ink, United and Other Cards!

Now you can earn for a limited time extra miles by referring a friend. Chase now offers bonuses to approved referrals. If you have an eligible card, and you refer your friend to that card, you both earn a bonus. Your friend will earn the regular signup bonus offered on that particular card, and you will earn a point bonus from the bank valued at over $50!

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What cards does the referral work with?

With Chase bank there used to only 2 cards that it worked with, the Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred.

The Chase Freedom Card ®  currently has a limited time bonus offer that is 2X the usual offer. The Chase Freedom Card ® currently offers 20,000 points for signing up and spending $500 in 90 days. The usual bonus is only 10,000. Read more about the Chase Freedom Card $200 AKA 20,000 Increased Signup Bonus.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card has a signup bonus of 40,000 points. In addition you are able to get 5,000 points for adding an AU (authorized user). There is a 7% bonus on all thee points earned on this card, including the signup bonus. This brings the amount of points earned to 48,000 points! Currently the signup offer requires a $3000 spending requirement in 90 days to net the bonus.

However now it works with many cards! We have tried the Freedom, Sapphire, Ink Plus and the United credit card. You can try any Chase card that you have membership with and refer a friend.

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How does one refer a friend?

As MMS said “I’ve been puzzled why more banks don’t do this.” I can’t agree with him more. The process is so simple.

  1. Go to the Chase Referral Portal
  2. Enter in your last name, last 4 digits of the card you wish to refer (Freedom, Ink, United Sapphire)
  3. Enter in your friends information (name and email)
  4. Watch your UR (Ultimate Reward) points grow!

Note, there is a limit of 10 referrals per card, a potential of getting 50,000 miles per card.

Now with the Chase 70K Ink Plus card you should really take advantage of this offer! Read all about it over here

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Referring friends to credit cards is fun and easy. Chase offers bonus points as an incentive to refer your cards. you must be a card holder in order to refer a card.

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In Summary

Chase Refer A Friend Promotion Now Works On Ink, United and Other Cards.

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