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SM Chase To Get Matched For Bonus Points

What does It Mean To SM Chase?

Great question David T. we are glad you asked. SM stand for “SECURE MESSAGE”. It is Chase’s online message hub. One is able to communicate with Chase without waiting on hold.

How do you Send A SM?

Login to Chase.com and sing in to your account.  On the right side you should see a button that says Secure Message Center. Click that button to send your SM.


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What Can You Do Via SM?

Almost anything, from adding an AU (Authorized User) to closing a credit card to anything in between. I have asked them to add up all my purchase or to calculate how much I need to pay.

How long does it take to get an answer?

Usually they reply within 4 hours, however it can take up to a day.

Chase SM stands for Secure Message. It is a message center for communicating with Chase. People have a lot of success sending an SM to get match for a larger sign up bonus.


So, What Does It Mean To Be Matched For a Better offer?

Chase is always changing the credit card signup offers. Like the Chase Freedom Card yesterday went up to $150 instead of $100. If you applied for the card when the signup offer was 10,000 points and now you wanted to get the better offer you are able to ask Chase to “match” that offer.

The same will apply for the United Mileage Plus® Explorer Card. The regular offer is for 30,000 signup points plus an additional 5,000 points for adding an AU. There was an offer for 65,000 points a year ago. Take a look at the conversation we had with Chase. Feel free to copy this text to use in your request.


I recently applied for the {insert card name here} credit card. I am very happy with the card, and it is working out well for me. I heard from a friend that there is a better offer out there for this card. The better offer is for {xx,xxxx points}.

I was wondering if you were able to match that offer onto my account. 

Thank you in advance

{Your Name}

See below for our conversation with Chase.

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The reply came rather quickly.

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This was the easiest 20,000 I got in a while. Sometimes you may have to ask 2-3 times until you get the answer that you are looking for.

How long do you have to match An Offer?

Chase allows to match offers up to 90 days after the card is opened.

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In Summary:

Send Chase a SM to close a card, add another user or get matched to a better signup offer.

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