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Chase Freedom Is Better Then The Chase Sapphire

What the Chase Freedom is Better then the Chase Sapphire? Yes, at least in this authors opinion. Let us analyze the benefits of each one and see which card has a better value. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the UR (Ultimate Rewards) Program by reading this. (Note, the new benefit of Singapore Air as a transfer partner was not added yet).

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The Pro’s of the Chase Freedom Credit Card

Read our full review of the Chase Freedom card here.

The Pro’s of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card


The perk that the Chase Sapphire card has that it enables transfers to partner airlines is the biggest benefit that the Chase Sapphire card offers. Now, this benefit is also found on the Chase Ink cards. (Catch the last few hours of the 60k bonus now!) If you were to have an Ink card, this benefit is worthless.

Bonus Categories

The Chase Freedom has 5% categories that are really good. Unlike the Discover it® card that sometimes has horrible categories. Read more about the Discover it® here. The Sapphire only has 2X bonus categories, and they are nothing special. The American Express Business Gold rewards gives 3X on airfare and 2X on gas as well. There are dining cards that put the 2X UR to shame.  I think the Freedom categories are better.

Extra Bonus

The Chase Freedom gives a 10% bonus points vs the Chase Sapphire that only gives 7%. Additionally the Chase Freedom gives the bonus points every statement, unlike the Sapphire that you need to wait the entire year. This benefit definitely goes to the Freedom.

Annual Fee

The Chase Freedom has no annual fee. The Chase Sapphire does. Hmmm, I like the Freedom better.

Forex Fee

Okay, the Sapphire wins this one.

But wait, don’t go signing up for the Chase Freedom card just yet. If you are a beginner, and you won’t be approved for the Chase Sapphire card then I would let you sign up for the Freedom. However, if you are not in the middle of building your credit and you want to signup for one of these cards, sign up for the Chase Sapphire.

What? I thought you just said the Freedom is better?!

Yes, you are very perceptive, I did say the Freedom is better,  but hear me out. The Chase Sapphire has an option to downgrade to a Chase Freedom card. So why lose out on the lucrative signup bonus of 40,000 UR points (plus 5k for an AU).

What you should do

Signup for the Chase Sapphire (using our links will not get us a commission). Meet the spending threshold. Then down grade the card to the Chase Freedom. This way you get the best of both worlds. The big sign up bonus, and the best perks.

But then I lose my flexibility to transfer?

Yes, but it is not so bad.

1) if you have an Ink card you don’t lose your transfer options, as the Ink card can make transfers too.

2) If you have a friend or spouse that has an Ink card or Sapphire Preferred card, you can transfer your points to them, and they can transfer it to the airline of your choice.

The no fee Chase Freedom card has better benefits then the Chase Sapphire Preferred! Signing up for the Sapphire and then downgrading the card to a Freedom is getting the best of both worlds.

Read this from Credit Donkey for a detailed review

In Summary:

The Chase Freedom seems better then the Chase Sapphire, it is best to signup for the Sapphire and then downgrade to the Freedom card.

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