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We Passed Our American Express Financial Review: Part 2

Last week Friday we got a  call and an email from American Express telling us that account is under financial review. As we explained in the previous post financial review is a nightmare. We started sharing the details of the F/R over here. The reason why we got the F/R is because we were spending to much money on our cards. We did a 12 card App-O-Rama and needed to spend $95,000 total.

They sent us the 4506t form to fill out, I immediately downloaded onto my BlackBerry Classic (which I love). ‎Using the PDF editor on my phone I filled out the form in entirely. Once it was done I emailed the forms that for myself and had a hard copy on my computer. The next step is you need to fax this form over to American Express. The financial review department fax number is 1800 219 8549.. If you don’t have a fax machine you can use a free online fax service for example fax zero.

4506-T Form, The form you need to fill out by a Financial Review

Once I had the paperwork sent back to them I called him to follow up to make sure it was properly faxed, received, and sent over to the IRS . My agent is not available when I called so I left him a voice message stating my name, credit card number, phone number and a short message. In the message I  stating that I sent in the form and it would like him to review them to let me know if they’re satisfactory. ‎He did not return my call.

American Express Building, Brighton UK

The following day was Saturday which I was unable to call him, Sunday he was out. Monday he was out and was first back in the office on Tuesday. ‎I did try to get ahold of him on Tuesday, but he did not answer my call. I must’ve tried in five times on Tuesday, but he never did return my call. I left him another message again with my name, credit card number, phone number and I told him I’m waiting to hear back.

Finally, on Wednesday he called me back. He told me that you got my voicemail has been very busy. He told me that he got my forms he sent them over to the IRS to receive the transcripts, and American Express already received the transcripts back. ‎I was advised that they’ll have an answer by the end of the day (Wednesday). I told him that I need my credit cards for my business and I would appreciate to get this done ASAP. He didn’t call me back on Wednesday.

I need this done ASAP!

On Thursday I got emails from American Express stating this card ending in 1004 the limits have changed. The new credit limit is $13,500. ‎I got this email for every card. When I logged into American Express I still saw the banner proclamation that my accounts are still suspended. However, I knew the review was basically complete.

Over the weekend there was a voicemail on my cell phone that the review was complete. I should have received an email with this information (which we had on Wednesday)‎. I logged into my account and confirmed this. The review was over. I was actually surprised that I pulled it off in a week, they usually take much longer and are much more dragged out.

After getting my accounts locked for a week, American Express reinstated them. They slashed some of the limits, but more then that they didn’t do.

Some after thoughts:

  • It can be that I asked him to expedite it that it helped.
  • It seems like the rep doesn’t make the decision, they just do the dirty work, of calling you, being in contact with you ect. The decision making‎ is done by a back office.
  • ‎I was extremely nice and respectful to the agent, in return he was helpful and quick.
  • Having a real income can definitely pull you through, many people don’t have sufficient income.
  • Fill out the 4506T form correctly. Missing information can delay your F/R.
  • Use an online editor, this will ensure no mistakes.
  • Don’t be upset at the agent, your problem isn’t with them. They are just your contact with Amex.

And some tips to stay under the radar:

  • Avoid spending a lot of money on a new account in a short amount of time. It takes months to build up your reputation with American Express.
  • Don’t spend more than 50% of your credit limit over the month on a credit card. For a charge card it is much harder to draw the line, as most standard charge cards do not have a limit. The idea is to take it slowly, and build up your relationship. In a short amount of time you will be able to spend  $100k monthly.
  • Sudden large changes in spending pattern.
  • Funding pre-paid cards
  • Over utilization of “spending ability” button on website.

Everything you wanted to know about American Express cards

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In Summary

We passed our American Express Financial Review.

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What Most Credit Card Bloggers Didn’t Tell

Most bloggers only care about their pockets. I.E. their bottom line, the amount of MONEY they make. They will only show you cards that they make money on. CORRECTION: lot’s of money on.  They will show you the lower of the 2 offers if they get a commision only on the lower offer.  MMS usually writes the better offer and DoC always writes the best offer. Follow these bloggers because you will get more accurate information then other bloggers.

We will not call out by name bloggers that don’t advise you of better offers for a few reasons.

  1. LAZINESS. Many times they didn’t research the links before they blast out the information. They got an email from their affiliate manager that says this link will be 50k tomorrow. Then they update their site. These bloggers didn’t research if there was a better link out there before posting, as their link has a good offer.
  2. OVERSIGHT. Mistakes happen. Some bloggers would update you if there is a better link however they didn’t see the better link, or missed it.
  3. MONEY HUNGRY. The rest of the bloggers are out there for themselves. Although by blogging about something it becomes a passion (and obsession if i may). However, the bottom line is their wallet. I will blog about cards that earn me money.
Why do no blogs talk about the PenFed credit card that gives $250 signup bonus, and 5X on airfare? The answer is because PenFed doesn't give them money. There is no value in the conversion's of this credit card,.

We believe this is a foolish “business motto”. True there is no value in cold cash, but there is value in the content.

What do I mean?

Writing about good offers even if there is no monetary compensation via an affiliate program will boost the content of a website. Suppose I only wrote about the top 5 credit cards, for example Chase SP 50k (today), Amex SPG 25K, Chase BA 100k, and the AMex PRG 50k (All these offers are current when we went to publish 11/24). Then our readership will be solely on people that dig these cards. What happens to the blog when the blogger loses his links? Your “trusted” blogger buddy will close up shop.

That’s why bloggers like DoC I encourage you to read. He does not receive any affiliate commision on links. All his info is always the best links (unless rule 1 or 2 apply).

Now we may be guilty of not reporting every credit card out there, which by the way is our goal. But with posting only 2X a week and new offers come out more then that we keep on getting left behind. We never finished our home buying series either. I guess we ought to start posting more often. :)

We have gotten at times affiliate commissions, and then we lost them. We regot and lost them again. Currently we are not enrolled in any program, but we take links from those sites that do have.

We at Credit Card Joint have a strong belief that the consumer will appreciate the best offer all the time, We do not currently have links to promote any credit cards, therefore we will provide you with unbiased information. We will receive no ill gotten gains on our readerships behalf. Our goal is a long term readership that will benefit the site in the long run.

Having pointed this out, is it understandable why no other blogger write about this?

What are your thoughts regarding bloggers not disclosing information that you can use?

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In Summary

Bloggers are greedy pigs and you can’t trust them!

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New Design Same Quality Content

We have redesigned our homepage to our blog. It seems like from our google analytics that all you guys were interested was in us ranting and raving so, we gave it to you. We have redisnged our site that when you visit it will bring you directly to the blog instead of having to type

We also redesigned the fonts and colors along with our new logo, thank you Rajesh Deware for that. If anyone is in need of graphic, design, website, programming or similar needs fell free to reach out to our friend Rajesh for help. Rajesh is an integral part of our team. Keep in mind that Rajesh lives in Nepal that was recently hit by a huge earthquake. They can use help rebuilding, feel free to donate to the red cross fund here.

Visit to learn more about Rajesh and what he does for his country.

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Million Mile Secrets Interviewed Us: Read The Interview

We were interview by Daraius Dubash in his interview series with Miles and Points blogs. Million Mile Secrets is a blog dedicated to helping people learn about Big Travel with Small Money!

Interview LINKY

Read the full interview and hit up the comments on either site. We would love to hear your feedback.

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In Summary

Read our interview with Million Mile Secrets.

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FTG 5 Credit Card Reward Myths that Need to Die: TRUE OR FALSE

The Frugal Travel guy posted “5 Credit Card Reward Myths that Need to Die”. Although there are some very good points (no pun intended) , we argue on some others.

  • It’s unethical. A credit card issuer makes the offer of their own free will, and people like us simply complete the offer per their instructions. The fact that some of us are smart enough to take advantage does not make it unethical; it makes us geniuses.

We strongly disagree. When one churns a credit card they are exploiting a loop hole. Why would American Express limit the signup offers? Read more here. The banks are offering benefits to attract customers, not to dish out free miles. Another example is the recent Lan claw back on the 20% discount. Abusing the system is unethical.

  • It will ruin your credit. This is a big one for most people, and it really does make sense. Most experts suggest avoiding signing up for any new lines of credit if you plan to buy a house or take out a major loan within the next year to 18 months. However, implying that credit card rewards will, without a doubt, ruin your credit is not only misguided but patently incorrect. Many of us who pursue rewards, including myself, maintain excellent credit scores simply by using common sense when signing up for a new rewards card or cancelling an old one.

Correct! As discussed before applying for multiple credit cards does not have a long term negative affect on your credit score. As a word of caution, requesting to much credit in a short period of time will have a temporary affect on your credit.

  • A credit score over 825 means something. No, pursuing credit cards may not completely ruin your credit, but it does impact it. Since I began pursuing rewards, I’ve seen my credit score drop from 820 to around 760 due to the number of hard inquiries, accounts I’ve closed, and various other factors that come into play. Having a score over 800 may seem desirable, but it isn’t always necessary- especially for this hobby. There is also no awards banquet for having the highest score. No cookies. No ribbons. Most rewards experts simply suggest monitoring your credit score on a site like Credit Karma and making sure it stays above 720 to stay on the safe side.

Correct! A score of 800 will get you approved for the same mortgage that a score of 825. Although as your score continues to dip the mortgage rates will continue to rise, the optimal score of 850 doesn’t have greater benefits then a score of 780.

  • The rewards aren’t worth it. I just have to laugh when people tell me it isn’t worth the effort. Really? Most people who are serious about this hobby would have to disagree. I mean, if you’re paying to go on vacation anyway, why wouldn’t you try to get at least part of your trip for free? You’re either putting in the effort to earn the money for your trip at work, or you’re putting in the effort to swap out a few rewards cards to get your trip for free. I personally prefer the latter.

Correct! The rewards reaped from properly applying for credit cards are tremendous. The Premier Miles & More® World MasterCard® gives you a whopping 50,000 bonus for signing up. As a word of advise, if you are carrying a balance or unable to meet a spending threshold then it is not wise for you to sign up for credit cards. The rewards are not worth it.

  • It’s too complicated. Pursuing credit card rewards does take a certain level of discipline and attention to detail. However, it’s really not that complicated. If you’re worried about how you’ll keep track of everything, you can always manage your credit card rewards with a simple spreadsheet or whip up a quick Google doc. Think of all the complex tasks you perform at your job each day and you’ll realize that credit card rewards are not that difficult to manage.

Correct! Keeping track of due dates can be as simple as setting all the dates for the same month. By keeping your spending in sync with your budget, and making sure to pay the full balance every month your free travel add up quickly.

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In Summary:

We do  not endorse many of the unethical things that are done in the credit card world.


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Starwood 30K Referral Conga For A Bonus 5K Open To Anyone!

Everyone has a referral link they get once you have the SPG card. Do you want to make another 5K? Of course you do, so why not refer someone?

Conga Rules:

  • Use this form to submit your link
  • View available links here
  • If you used a link email us, info (at) and we will marked it as used.

Do not submit your link more then once, it will re removed.

Links will be updated on to the chart. You can view all links as they come in by looking at the Form Responses Page.

Join in on a conga to get your link around. There is no cost or commitment to enter. The only thing you have is to gain an extra 5k SPG points.

Do you think this is a good idea? Leave a comment

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In Summary:

Share your SPG referral link for a bonus 5K.

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$50 Offer: Follow Us On Twitter!

We are giving away $50 when we hit 100 followers on Twitter.

Now everyone likes free money, and if you are reading this post you definitely are in the right place. All we talk about is saving money, whether it is the newest credit card offer, a BRG, or some other random fact that may interest you. Just click follow us on twitter below to get started!


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Do you think you will win?

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Best Blogger

Vote For Us As The Top Blogger In The Credit Card Industry

Mighty Travels is having a Top 100 blogs contest. As we go to press Head For Point has the lead with 132 votes. Do you think we have what it takes? We think we do! Will you vote for us? I do not know how long the voting is open for so hurry and give us your vote!

Never be left behind. Stay updated via email or twitter.

In Summary:

Vote for us on the TOP 100 Travel Blogs

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Activate Chase Freedom Cards For The Second Quarter

It’s time again to activate your Freedom Cards. We already discussed the benefits of the card in February. One of the downsides we pointed out was the need to activate it every 3 months. All Credit Card Joint follows get an email reminder every quarter to activate by clicking here. You can also enroll in Chase email or text message reminders over here.

This month’s categories are 5% in Lowes and  in restaurants. As we said back in February this is one of the main values of this card.
The 5 point categories for 2014 are as follows:
Q1: Gas stations, Movie theaters, Starbucks

Q2: Restaurants and Lowe’s

Q3: Gas stations and Kohl’s

Q4:,, and Department stores

If you don’t have the Freedom Card yet you can get one by applying here:  

Another card that has the 5% categories that need activation is the Discover it® card.

In Summary

Time to activate the Chase freedom Card.

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