Hilton No Annual Fee Card 75,000 Points Offer Returns

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(Note: You’ll need to open the window in incognito mode to get it to work)

  • Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card has increased it’s sign up bonus to 75,000 points after $2,000 in purchases within three months of account opening

hilton hhonors bonus

Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Card earns at the following rates:
  • Complimentary Hilton Silver Status as long as you’re a cardholder
  • Fast track to gold status (four stays within 90 days of account opening or when you make $20,000+ purchases in each calendar year)
  • Annual loyalty bonus of 10,000 Hilton HHonors bonus points at end of each calendar year in which you spend $1,000 or more on stays with the Hilton Portfolio
  • Standard Visa Signature Benefits
  • Hilton HHonors Bonus Points offer not available if you have had a Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card account that was opened or closed in the past 24 months

Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort

To view all current credit card offers from all banks click on the credit card tab on the top of the page, or here.

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10,000 Hilton Points For Adding An Additional User On Your American Express Credit Card

Earn a bonus 10,000 points for just adding an authorized user on your Hilton HHonors credit card from American Express. (This offer is obviously only available to current account holders of the HHonors Hilton American Express card.)

Direct Link 

10k points

Details of the Offer

  • You must add a cardholder using the above link
  • Valid until July 20th, 2016
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for your bonus points to post
  • Additional cardholders must be at least 15 years of age Officially. But you can make up a date of birth and social and still get the cards. Use your own judgment. We do not recommend playing games or trying to game the system.

Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort Hotel, Phoenix, AZ – Pool Area

You are now one step close to staying at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort Hotel, Phoenix, AZ – Pool Area (above picture) for free. As alays we love staying in hotels and vacationing for free. 10k free HHonors points is a sure good way to start the week.

If you don’t have a Hilton Credit card yet, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to see many of the current available offers. Some special offers are the:

Chase United 75k +$50
American Express PRG 65K (incognito)
Bank Of American Alaska Air 30k

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Chase Freedom Is Better Then The Chase Sapphire

2,500 Bonus UR Points Chase Freedom and Sapphire Credit Cards: Adding An Authorized User

Chase Freedom Credit Card: Why We Love It

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In Summary

Get 10,000 bonus Hilton Points for adding an Authorized User

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30% Bonus on Amex Membership Reward Transfers to Etihad Through June 15: Fly To Israel for 26,000 Points!

American Express Membership Rewards is offering a 30% bonus on transfers to Etihad Guest through June 15. American Express only added Etihad as a transfer partner two weeks ago so it’s great to see them bonusing transfers. They are probably trying to boost this partner so they are offering this promotion. In the past we have seen promotions on other partners like british Airways and El Al.

That means the points from your Amex Everyday Preferred, Premier Rewards Gold, Business Gold, Business Platinum and other Membership Rewards earning cards carry more weight. One third times more weight!

American Express    View all American Express Credit Cards

Etihad has a very good first and business class product, and because availability has been generally excellent. Now to be sure the single best first class product in the sky — the Etihad First Apartment, which is scheduled for Abu Dhabi – New York JFK< London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Mumbai — can be tough to get.

Availability goes in cycles (and for awhile has been much easier to get Abu Dhabi – US than US – Abu Dhabi). I’ve flown it several times this year on the New York JFK – Abu Dhabi route but availability for that flight isn’t a gimme.

Nonetheless, Etihad offers first class service with other aircraft to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington Dulles. They offer service that features business class as the top cabin to Chicago and Toronto.

Award prices aren’t cheap. For instance,

  • New York JFK – Abu Dhabi first class is 117,560 miles one-way
  • London – Abu Dhabi first class is 87,732 miles one-way

Business class is somewhat cheaper, for instance 88,391 one-way for New York – Abu Dhabi.

Etihad also adds surcharges to awards: $50 per segment for economy, $100 per segment for business, and $150 per segment for first class.

Etihad has several airline partners, which have to be booked by phone. Etihad agents are often unfamiliar with their partners, and with how to book them.

What’s more, the cost of awards on partner airlines can be high. Nonetheless, they can also be strategically useful. For instance, Etihad partners with Philippine Airlines and they almost always have business class award space between the US and Asia. And they partner with American. Etihad partners with carriers like Virgin Australia, Royal Air Maroc, Garuda Indonesia, Oman Air, and Hainan Airlines as well as a variety of others.

Partner award charts can be found here and are much more lucrative,but partner awards are not bookable online, which means you have to play call center roulette. You also need to book partner awards 14 days in advance.

Every airline has their own award chart. For example:

The Brussels award chart can be found here.

There are no fuel surcharges.

-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in coach for 21,972 miles or about or about 16,902 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in business for 36,620 miles or about or about 28,169 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in coach for 12,096 miles or about or about 9,304 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in business for 20,160 miles or about or about 15,508 AMEX points round-trip.

To summarize that is 26,206 points to fly round trip JFK-BRU-TLV in coach or 43,677 miles to fly in business. Judging a normal business class ticket to Israel would run you around $6,000 this is a $.13 redemption per mile. That is ten times the normal redemption.

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Fix credit

7 Easy Hacks to Quickly Boost Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is important for everything from getting a good rate on a car loan to getting approval from a landlord for an apartment. But while it’s easy to let your score slip by missing a payment or suffering from identity theft, it can take years to build that number back up.

However, no matter what happened, here are some easy ways you can see your score jump at least 10-20 points starting next month, and continuing as long as you keep cleaning up the past and practicing responsible credit behavior.

Get Current on Payments Immediately

While last month’s missed payment may have caused a drop of 60-100 points (depending on how high your score was to begin with), making all of your payments on time this month — and keeping up with them — will likely help improve your score by 10-20 points in a couple months. Be aware that you would see steeper score drops (possibly over 100 points) if you paid late for two months or more, made late auto loan or mortgage payments, or paid more than one account late.

Keep your score improving by several points every month this year, until about a year of good payments has restored your credit.

Lower Your Credit Utilization

When you charge a card up to its credit limit, that’s called “high credit utilization.” If you don’t pay it all off by the next payment due date, you might notice your score drop 55-110 points.

A recent VantageScore report showed that reducing your credit card balance from 50% to 30% of the total credit available on that card can improve your score by up to 50 points. The lower your balances, and the lower your credit utilization, the better your credit score. If you must charge something and can’t pay it off by the next due date, spread the charges out across different card accounts to see a substantially lower drop of 30-80 points.

Don’t Close Old Credit Card Accounts

The point is to decrease your credit utilization, or the amount of credit used compared to the amount of credit extended to you. If you pay off a card balance, leave
the account open so the age of the account and its available credit limit can help increase your credit score a few points every month as time goes on. The VantageScore report showed that if you closed the account, your score could drop between 10 and 30 points, depending on your situation.

Negative marks may stay on your credit report for several years, but it’s possible to raise your score by 10-20 points starting this month.

Get Your Card Limits Increased

If you already have good credit (above 661) and low or no balances, it’s easy to decrease your credit utilization to get up to a 50-point bump. Just call up your existing credit card companies and ask for a credit limit increase. It’s a simpler, faster way to increase the amount of credit extended to you and decrease your credit utilization, without getting the 10- to 20-point “hard inquiry” credit ding from applying for another credit card you may not need.

Don’t Automatically Pay Off Collections

An account is in collections when the original creditor turns your account over to a collections agency after a certain amount of missed payments, a status that can remain on your credit report for up to seven years from the first missed payment. Paying off collections in full causes a score bump in some circumstances, but can be actually detrimental in others, according to credit expert John Ulzheimer.

Basically, if your debt is less than seven years old, you should explore options for paying it back. (That number varies by state and the type of debt.) That might mean paying in full. But you could also elect to settle a debt for much less than what is owed by working with the collections agency in exchange for a “paid” or zero-balance status report to the credit bureaus. If you have more than one collection on your credit report, paying off (or settling) the most recent one will help your credit score the most.

If a collections account is seven years old and has already fallen off your credit reports, it’s no longer affecting your credit score.

However, if a collections account is older than seven years and has already fallen off your credit reports, it’s no longer affecting your credit score. What’s more, you can no longer be sued over this debt, and you can legally tell collections agencies to stop calling you. Paying in full could put that debt back on your credit score, but reporting agencies could be slower to note that you actually paid it off. Even worse, making partial payments could not only put it back on your credit report, but also extend the statute of limitations for creditors to take legal action against you.

Some new credit scoring models from FICO and VantageScore do not view medical collections or paid collections negatively, so you will see the biggest bump in your credit scores from these scoring models. However, most lenders still use older FICO scoring models that penalize you for the old account, even when it’s paid off. And you can never know which scoring model a lender is using.

Become an Authorized User

Ask someone with excellent credit — like a trusted parent — to make you an authorized user on their credit card account. Then you can take advantage of that person’s higher credit limit and good credit history for an immediate credit bump the next month. You don’t even have to have the card; however, this hack works even better when you use the card in your name to make small purchases. When you pay it off completely every month before the due date, you’ll establish a positive payment history.

Just watch out, because if the cardholder has a negative account history or incident, that will affect your credit negatively, too.

Check Your Credit Reports for Errors

A serious payment or collection error on your credit report could hold you hostage to a low credit score for a long time. That’s why you should always check your credit reports for errors at least once per year at AnnualCreditReport.com. If you can’t identify a collection or negative mark as yours (the payment dates, account numbers, or creditor is wrong or not recognizable), dispute the error with the credit bureau. Also dispute the error with the collection agency, which has to prove the validity of the debt or remove the record from your credit report. Unfortunately, this process could take awhile because the credit bureaus have 30 days to respond by law.

The sooner you find and dispute an error, the easier it will be to resolve. Send your dispute by mail, along with any documentation showing you paid the bill or that the debt isn’t yours, and your score may increase substantially.

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Bad News: Alaska Airlines Expected To Buy Virgin America

I can’t rationalize a merger between Alaska and Virgin America as much, though. They have completely different fleets, completely different corporate cultures, completely different approaches towards their onboard products, completely different frequent flyer programs, and brand equity which isn’t really combinable.

Well, unfortunately it looks like that’s the merger which is happening.

Alaska Airlines is expected to buy Virgin America in a ~$2 billion deal as soon as the next few days.


Per The New York Times:

Alaska Airlines is near a deal to buy Virgin America for about $2 billion, a person briefed on the matter said on Saturday, describing a move that would unite two popular smaller airlines in the latest round of consolidation in the industry.

An announcement could come as soon as Monday, said the person, who spoke anonymously and was not authorized to speak about the matter, and who cautioned that details were still being negotiated and the talks could fall apart.

Alaska squared off against JetBlue, with final bids being entered in recent days.

Like I said, I really can’t rationalize this deal, and specifically how Alaska values a takeover of Virgin America more than JetBlue does. Alaska has always been successful because of what a lean, disciplined operation they run. I think with this merger we’re finally reaching the point where airlines are merging “just because,” given that virtually all US carriers are turning profits. But presumably that’s only cyclical, and the economy and/or oil prices will change things up again at some point.


Last time I wrote about the potential of an Alaska and Virgin America merger, a lot of people thought I was crazy for suggesting it doesn’t make sense. So I figured I’d address a few of the points people disagreed with me on (the quotes in bold are some of the points people made):

  • “This will allow Alaska to pick up more slots on the west coast.” West coast airports aren’t slot restricted. Yes, Alaska would pick up some slots at Washington DCA, etc., but that’s hardly a reason an airline based on the west coast which operates primarily regionally would want to spend $2 billion on a new airline.
  • “But both airlines have great corporate cultures and onboard products.” Sure, but in very different ways, and it only takes one flight on each airline to realize that. Virgin America is a young, fun, and hip airlines, which is very different than what Alaska is going for. As Alaska fanboy Travel Codex commented on the last post: “I like the comment about different cultures. I’m clearly in the Alaska Airlines camp but flew Virgin America once and hated it. The mood lighting, the hipster safety video, and the ugly white seats. It had nothing to do with their schedule, routes, or prices.”
  • “Alaska is just trying to reduce competition.” A fairly small airline based in Seattle is willing to buy an airline they only selectively compete with for $2 billion in order to shut down competition? All while their hub is being invaded by one of the world’s largest airlines, Delta?
  • “This allows Alaska to compete in the transcon market.” That’s definitely a valid point, though Alaska doesn’t need a merger to make that happen. They operate all kinds of 1-2x daily transcons, though haven’t expanded all that much beyond Seattle. That seems to be a conscious decision, and not due to lack of opportunity. Sure, this would allow them to enter the New York to LA/SF market, but how do they plan on tackling that? Are they going to keep around the Virgin America brand and get rid of the Alaska brand in order to do that? Are they going to finally upgrade the Virgin America first class seats so that they’re competitive in the market? My point is simply that it seems like a conscious decision up until now that Alaska hasn’t competed more on transcons out of other markets, and it’s because that’s not the core of their business. Alaska doesn’t try to be all things to all people, and that’s precisely why they’ve been so successful.

Bottom line

It looks like Alaska will be taking over Virgin America, and that it could happen as early as this coming week. But I have to wonder what they’re thinking with this merger. Just about the only thing these two airlines have in common is that they’re smaller carriers. Other than that they’re so different, and not in the sense that they’d complement one another.

Alaska and Virgin America are two brands which a lot of consumers love, but for very different reasons. Unless they plan on running two separate operations, there’s no way they can combine the two brands without losing what makes them special.

HT: One Mile At a Time

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